Privacy Policy

It is not usually necessary for users to provide their name, address or other personal information when they access our website (the “Website”).

The type of browser and OS in the user’s PC, cookie data, data from the pages accessed by users and other information is automatically acquired and recorded in the server for the purpose of improving service.

The Website does contain pages such as the inquiry form that require us to ask for personal information of the user. In such event, we only ask to be provided in information to the extent required.

Information acquired by the Website from the user is used for three broadly-defined purposes, as described below.

  1. 1. To enhance product or service content
  2. 2. To provide the user with more precise product and service information
  3. 3. To customize the content used by the user on the pages of the Website.

If the user does not wish to have this information distributed, we will discontinue such distribution upon receipt of notice from the user to that effect.


We do not disclose the personal information of users to third parties other than outsourcers without the consent of the user. We also place such outsourcers under the same obligation to give due consideration to and implement the exhaustive management of such information. However, if demanded to disclose information pursuant to law or by a court of law, law enforcement agency or other public institution, we may disclose information for the purpose of protecting the rights and property of our company and affiliated companies. We may also disclose information at our judgment in the event of conduct by specific users that is detrimental to third parties.

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