DyneMaster Series

DyneMaster series are multi-talent tensiometers capable to measure lamella length, liquid density, powder wetting, and dynamic contact angle as well.

Measurement DY-700 DY-500 DY-300
Measure method Surface tension (Willhelmy plate method , du Noüy Ring method)
Measurement range 0?100mN/m
Measurement temperature 10?70℃(Jacket type stage set with Hot/Cold water circulator 4VT) Ambient?150℃(Heater type stage system)
Measurement accuracy 0.02mN/m 0.2mN/m
Resolution 0.01 mN/m
Data capturing speed 92Hz 10Hz
Stage Maximum stroke 50mm 48mm
Measurement unit Platinum plate X 2 or Platinum ring X 1 with Ring reformer X 1 (alternatively selectable)
External dimensions 295(W) × 415(D) × 452(H)mm 295(W) × 415(D) × 452(H)mm 255(W) × 307(D) × 369(H)mm
Weight 23Kg 20Kg 12.5Kg
Electric power AC100?240 50/60Hz
Software performance DY-700 DY-500 DY-300
Interface Tension
Lamella length
Sedimentation rate
Liquid density
Dynamic contact angle
Powder wettability