FAMAS (interFAce Measurement & Analysis System) software
measures and analyzes the surface phenomena of solids and liquids,
and present physical properties of contact angles in static and dynamic ranges,
liquid surface/interfacial tension, and surface free energy.


Sessile Drop

  • Basic measurement of contact angles
  • Continuous measurement at up to 60 images per second (up to 400fps with optional high-speed camera)
  • In addition to contact angles, FAMAS Standard measures drop volume, absorbing amount, ratio of droplet remained volume, droplet height and width.

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  • Create graphs of contact angle data vs. time, but also drop volume, absorbing amount, ratio of droplet remained volume, droplet height and width.

Convert Movie

  • Create a 1 - 30 fps movie(MPG1) by stringing still images together.


  • Copy the measurement sheet and paste it into a spreadsheet.

Live Image Monitor

  • Live image monitor is displayed in FAMAS.
  • Continuously displays a focus-aid gauge to check focus and prevent human errors.

Property Window

  • Comfirm and correct the saved measured image data
  • Recalculate using different formulas to determine drop shapes: a half-angle(2/ÉΔ), circle fitting, ellipse fitting and tangent.
  • Correct data on a convex surface such as a lens, tube or tablet.


Add-in software for FAMAS assisting the option parts for DM series and making the most of their ability.

Extension & Contraction

  • Measures advancing/receding angles by liquid dispensing and aspirating from the automatic dispenser.
  • Measures droplet width, droplet volume and advancing/ receding speed as the droplet volume increases/decreases

Sliding Angle

  • Obtains advancing/receding angles under a tilting solid base.
  • Analysis of adhesive energy between liquids and solids from data results.

Pendant Drop

  • The best way to measure interfacial tension between two liquids; besides very little volume.
  • Continuous measurement up to 60 images per second
  • In addition to the conventional method calculated from ds/de lines, Young-Laplas equation is possible.

Surface Free Energy

  • Credible 6 theories of S.F.E to calculate surface free energy of solid samples from Contact Angle data. These theories include the calculation of surface free energy according to Kitazaki-Hata, which divides the surface free energy into three components.
  • Contact Angle data is transported from a contact angle measurement sheet to the calculate sheet automatically with the click of an icon.
  • You can organize your own database dictionary by adding your results of surface free energy and database of prove liquid sample picked up from literature.



Droplet merging into the background

Pale and poor contrast between droplet and background

img img

FAMAS is not just software for measurement instruments, but a high quality image processing tool.

There are ideal solid surface conditions to measure contact angles. State of surface, however, varies from customer to customer; samples are not designed for its measurement.

With FAMAS, you can set parameters in the Property Window to adjust to any situation.

Some examples are shown here. If you have experience with contact angle measurement, you might notice that these images can cause errors in the results.

When measuring contact angles, most tools show images in black and white, not grayscale. FAMAS, however, uses a unique algorithm to creates a rich silhouette of the droplet, the most important object in the image, allowing the outline of the droplet to be measured correctly to produce more accurate data.